Important Dates

The workshop will take place in C2.04 at the Roeterseiland complex of the University of Amsterdam.

The room will be configured with laptop connected to a projector running Powerpoint. Please feel free to use your own laptop if you wish. We will provide a Mac - VGA adaptor if needed. With regard to the length of talks:

  • The oral speakers of full papers will be given a speaker slot of 20 minutes (15 mins + 5 minutes for questions).

  • The oral speakers of position papers will be given a speaker slot of 10 minutes (8 minutes + 2 minutes for questions).

  • The poster presenters will be allocated a 2 minute slot in the boaster session to introduce their poster.

All presenters are invited to bring a poster (A0 - portrait format) for the poster session.

Two coffee breaks and lunch will be provided. The proceedings will be separately emailed to authors in advance of the workshop.

Specific details for the various sessions:

Oral Session (Session Chair: Xavier Giro-i-Nieto,
  • At the 10:00 coffee break before your presentation, go to room C2.04 to meet the Session Chair, who will help you set up for your presentation.

  • The oral session room will be equipped with data projector with a standard VGA connector.

  • We encourage speakers to bring and use their own laptops or other presentation devices. Check the compatibility of your laptop and the projector before the session starts.

  • The presentation format of the data projectors is 16:9, so create your presentation with this format in mind.

  • Free wireless internet is available, but make sure that presentations would also work if the connection is limited or not available. If special equipment is required, please contact the Local Organization Chairs ( in advance, adding the session chair in the CC ( Each presentation will be allotted 20 minutes (15 minutes for the presentation + 5 minutes for Q&A).

  • Time will be strictly enforced by the session chair and all the presenters are expected to make sure that their presentations fit strictly within the time limit and that the switching to another presentation is done during the Q&A.

  • We expect full paper authors to also present their work using posters in the poster session at 14:00. Please see the instructions for poster presentations below.

Boaster/Spotlight Session (Session Chair: Mariella Dimiccoli -
  • Each spotlight presenter will have a 2.5 minute oral presentation to highlight the main contributions and novelties of the paper. Each position paper presenter will have ten minutes (8 + 2) to present.

  • The expected transition time between spotlight presentations is of 30 seconds.

  • Spotlight presenters have to prepare their own laptops for the presentation or Presenter have to put their presentation in a dedicated laptop before the spotlight session starts.

Poster Session (Session Chair: Mariella Dimiccoli -
  • The poster session takes place 14:30-15:30. Presenters must be at their poster board during this time.

  • Presenters are also requested to set up their posters during the lunch-break.

  • The poster stands are freestanding poster board with board size A0 portrait. Dimensions are: 1189 x 841 mm or 46.8 x 33.1 in.

  • We will provide push-in pins for you to stick your poster on board.

  • In case you need help your first point of contact is the poster session chair, who should be present in the poster presentation area.